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26th of October- 26th of November 2018

Julia Zöllner is an illustrator and painter who interprets urban surroundings (architecture, people, markets and more) using ink, watercolour and acrylic paint. Nancy D. Lane, working as NancyDee, is a found object assemblage sculptor who creates artworks from the pieces of metal, wood, tile and plastic she finds discarded on the streets.

Nancy and Julia discovered each other through the cityscapes they had both created and posted on Instagram. They met for coffee and decided to work together to see what happened.

Their exhibition at Guild Assembly Point vitrines told the story of their collaboration at River Studios in West Melbourne. The vitrines showed examples of their individual arts practices prior to meeting each other; the trash, windows and other materials they have collected and worked with; the industrial ambience and influence of River Studios; their cooperative trialling of different types of materials and processes; and the cityscapes and other experimental artworks that have resulted from their partnership.