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25th of October - 5th of December 2018

'Ode to Edna Walling' is a commissioned mural painting in Ballarat, Australia.

 This artwork is the first in this scale and approach with the main wall being 5 metres wide and 2 metres high and the top wall another 2 metres in height. The client approached me with a clear set of objectives for the mural: firstly, to paint the plywood that covered two bulky water tanks, secondly to create a natural atmosphere in the backyard for future airbnb guest and thirdly to draft an artwork including the philosophy of Edna Walling. Edna was one of Australia's most influential landscape designers, who would toss a bucket of potatoes out across the lawn to get a random planting pattern. 'Ode to Edna Walling' is an invitation wander along a path around a flower bed filled with platysace, crowea, goodenia, magnolia, camellias, malus, buddiga, cotoneaster, viburnum, philadelphia and spiraea. Orange trees provide shadow and delightful fruits, the little pont a quiet place to rest for anyone passing through the landscape. An avenue leads the way through a colourful meadow up to the mountains. The scene is framed by a brick arch suggesting as if only one step separates the landscape from the backyard. The below photographs are showing the final mural as well as some progress pictures. 

I would like to thank Robyn and Don for the opportunity to work on this project and their hospitality.